Pool Fencing

Safety By Design

It is law in most countries to restrict access to your pool area and Fencing is an absolute necessity, especially if you have young children, pets or intend to rent out your villa.

NOTE: All Fencing must have a Self Closing/ Latching Gate.

Rollaway Fence

Rollaway Fences can be made to measure, and available in Dubai. Safety and design can come together with our Rollway Fence, a fully removable fence to keep children and pets away from your swimming pool.

You can enjoy the landscaped design of your garden and pool, while at the same time ensuring the safety of your young ones and pets when needed. This easy concept allows you to secure the pool area within minutes, with fixed to sturdy aluminum uprights, which slot into ground fixings. The fence can be fixed to various layouts and when not in place plugs are supplied to cover the ground hotels, and the lightweight fence can be stored away.

The fence units are fully compliant with AFNOR NF P90-306 the French safety standards for safety barriers.

Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is one of the most aesthetic fence options. Whether it's for a swimming pool, balcony or landscape, a glass fence has a look and feel all its own. It can make any space look luxurious and will contribute to a high-end contempary design.

  • Clarity. Enjoy the View, It won't obstruct or detract from seeing your Garden and pool.
  • Strength. Glass is one of the strongest materials for fencing, railing, and partitions. Tempered glass and its unbelievably strong fasteners ensure your fence stays put despite the elements.
  • Durability. Because glass fence takes the weather so well, it will last a lifetime even in extreme weather conditions. Aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel fastening systems ensure that fasteners won't corrode from the weather.
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion. When conventional building materials around swimming pools are in constant contact with chlorinated pool chemicals, they quickly age and decay. Tempered glass and its stout metal fasteners resist chemical corrosion very well.
  • Maintenance. Easy To Clean - The occasional wipe over with white vinegar is all that's needed. (The Use of harsh abrasives or dangerous chemicals is never recommended for glass fencing.