Pools & Spas


Living Design

A swimming pool is a major investment for your property it can be pretty daunting task, so we have put together an advice sheet which may help you with your decision.

  1. Design: Choose your Size, Shape, Steps and extras
  2. Build: Pool is made in factory controlled conditions
  3. Finish : Cermaic Mosaic tiles selected from our range
  4. Sandstone Coping or a product of your choice

Options : Spa Seats, Benches, Infinity edge, water features Heater/Chillers.Stainless steel fittings, LED Lights, Fences

Because we make all our pools indiviually to order, you can design your pool with us. Add a Bench or splash pool, change the step size put in a Spa area. This way we can be sure you receive a pool that meets all of your need and you can be sure you have something unique.

Pool Warranty

  • Pool shell 10 years
  • Tiles 2 years
  • Equipment & Electrical 1 year

Spa & Splash Pools

The Spa, once a decadent extravagance has now become an affordable essential for adding that extra touch of luxury to your outside living experience.

Stand Alone or incorporated into your swimming pool design, each of our spas are custom built. This flexible approach allows you to choose the size, shape, colour ,even the number of jets, ensuring each Spa is tailor made to meet your unique requirements

Splash Pools (0.5m depth)

Shallow pools ideal for young children, with wide, low entry steps and low seating area.

Advice & Info

Choosing a Swimming Pool

Choosing a swimming pool for you property can be a pretty daunting task so we have put together a few checks you may wish to follow which might help you with your decision. Have a look at as many pools as you can, use books, the internet, show houses etc. Call Company's up and ask to see some of their pools. When you go on visits check a few points:-

  • Speak to the pool owner, ensure this company did the work and how good were they, did they have any problems etc.
  • Check the quality of work and finish, check tiling, grouting, lights and fittings. Also check is the water line straight with the tiling lines.
  • Check the pump room etc.
  • Take your time and have a good look!

REMEMBER any company who will not show you their work may have something to hide but you have to ensure it is their work by talking to the owner

When you have a good idea of the overall look of your pool, go back to your garden and see how the size and shape fits in with your working space.

Remember though... A bigger pool is not always better... it will require maintaining at least twice a week, heating in the winter and maybe chilling in the summer.

Appearance : You will probably spend more time looking at your swimming pool than actually using it, So choose one that enhances your garden and outside living space.

Location: Always a plus if you can site your pool in a position where it can be viewed from inside your house, preferably from the main rooms. A well lit pool can look its best at night so be sure you can see it.

Product Choice

So why choose a composite Pool !

In the past Fibreglass pools provided a quick and cost effective fix but aesthetically they were far from pleasing. Limitations on quality, size, shape and finish all contributed too many people’s reservations about this choice.

Today, using modern technology has allowed us to overcome all these issues and redefine the composite swimming pool. We can now design and manufacture beautiful contemporary tiled permanent in-ground swimming pools delivered to site and installed in days rather than months.